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Make your 100 Dollar Goal – Can You Make $100 a day on Hubpages?

For many new users of the Hubpages platform, the first payout of $100 from the Adsense program is a gratifying achievement. As well it should be, especially if Hubpages is ones first foray into the online income field.

But as time goes by and you start to take generating income online as a serious endeavor many seem to fall into a pattern of low expectations. Hubs written by new and intermediate users often perpetuate myths suggesting concrete timelines and necessary components required to make money that often relate to internal hub features and social elements.

Some commonly perpetuated myths:

  • It takes 9 months to reach payout
  • The HubScore is relative to income potential
  • It requires lots of followers to make money online
  • Lots of comments means one will make more money
  • New Hub Authors can NOT use the eBay Partner Network
  • Thumbs Up, Like, Great etc. will assist in income generation
  • You cant make real money on Hubpages, you need your own site.
  • Adsense is better then Amazon, Amazon is better than Adsense, x > y

!NONSENSE! – Parroting and Balderdash

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

HubPages – A Losing Battle

Thumbnail image for HubPages – A Losing Battle

Its over Folks…. We do not actually allow affiliate links; only products featured through Amazon and eBay Capsules. – Official Hubpages Communication – 4/2013 This is the end of any worthwhile purpose to the Hubpages platform for any user capable of even basic word processing skills. The publishing platform no longer offers any added benefits [...]

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Has lost its Adsense Account !!!

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… Did you know that Adsense has been down on for over Two Weeks?  Archival Only – Adsense was reinstated at approx 3am 1/21/13 EST If you have been writing in the “Web 2.0″  Revenue Sharing – User Generated Content arena for any period of time, you should have heard mention of at [...]

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Building a Profitable WordPress Niche Site in 3 Hours or less – a Timeline

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  I build lots of sites. Over the past 5 years I have developed several hundred sites. Many were personal projects, most were affiliate related, many were client projects. Some were intended for resale, some were just examples to be used to pitch clients on new projects. Many were forgotten, some were automated and are [...]

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GoDaddy Fails on HowardForum Domain Theft

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I have bookmark upon bookmark, experience upon experience and notes beyond belief on countless and unbelievable complete and utter fails by GoDaddy tech support, customer service and hosting. One day, I would love to combine them all together into one massive, well evidenced and well ranking truth missile. Today, Is not that day. September, 15 2012 – [...]

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The 10% and activate the ‘show in news feed’ option | Facebook Page Myth

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Bet you have seen this… “In order to see all posts and notifications just click/hover over the ‘Liked’ button (beneath the cover photo) & activate the ‘show in news feed’ option.”   The complete message which you may have seen spread across the fan pages for many small businesses and bands is as follows: “Due [...]

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What Happens if the Power Goes Out!! – UPS Backup Reviews

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by Joshua Gallagher Whats the MOST Essential Backup Device in your Home Office or Writing Space? Unless you answered – My Uninterruptable Power Supply … you were wrong   If you frequently write on a laptop, you most likely have been shocked out of concentration by the alarming noise of your low battery alert at least [...]

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